Apollo Junction hail from Leeds in Yorkshire, and us Yorkshire folk in exile have been following their upward projectery for a while now. Surrey is set to know and love Apollo Junction as they takeover our RH area in 2020, particularly May.

Steve Lamacq referred to them as a “Nice nod to New Order” – true New Order is a dominant influence. – but there are shades of U2 seasoned with a Brit Pop vibe. Or,  Electropop seasoned with rock and roll.  To those of you who are uninitiated, this may sound unoriginal. However,  Apollo Junction manages to take these musical influences, shake together and come up with sounds that are recognizably their own.  

Their new album Mystery is out now. Review below.

Sing me a song, a modern-day hymn”

Demands a refrain in “Begin”, the opening track. This is a real anthem with a catchy hooky riff running throughout. The next play “In Your Arms”.  This is the latest single, a belter in every sense, it has featured on Football Focus, is being played on numerous radio stations throughout the land and to me, is the track that will break them to a wider audience. Check it out:

Paris a personal favourite, is slightly slower and more haunting but still retaining a pumping hook This is an Indie-pop lament to affairs of the heart and jealousy.

“This Could be the day” speeds things up ever so slightly. It has a pounding rhythm and is an earworm in the best sense. You will be humming along to it.  “Born For Now” the next track is a song for our times?  It implores us to basically get on with it even if you haven’t figured out where life is taking you.

The next few tracks “All My Life” ,If I Fell” and “The Lost Ones ” is slightly gentler and downbeat. “The Lost Ones” is evocative of Suede’s song-writing.

What are you waiting for?  will get you back out of your seats: whereas Jayne is a sweetly melodic tune.

Always Remember” is the last track and wraps it all up nicely, completing the circle begun by beginning with a majestic mix of guitars and keyboards interlaced with a soaring chorus.

One Reason why…

I and many others enjoy seeing the band live is that it is almost compulsory to get up and dance. The boys look like they are enjoying themselves enormously up on stage, playing their music, spreading good memories and things to their audience.  In these care-worn times, their infectious sound and soaring sing-along lyrics are a balm to the soul. Get up and Dance when you see them live, and do buy MYSTERY.

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