Book Corner – Lost by Eve Ainsworth

Have you read anything by Eve Ainsworth yet?

Eve is the author of several Young Adult books. Seven Days, her first title – was published  way back in 2015 by Scholastic. Her latest novel LOST is aimed at a slightly younger readership and is a beautifully written and tender account of a young boy dealing with grief and being ‘lost’.

Alfie Turner and his dad are grieving. Alfie’s mum has died and the pair of them are existing in a hopeless existence. Lost in their grief but unable to reach one another, even football the glue that binds has lost it’s power.

Alfie meets Alice, a new girl in his school. Alice is dealing with her own feelings of being lost – this time in a family situation that is dangerous and traumatic. Their growing friendship is interlaced with flashbacks to Alfie losing his mum, the writing is heartbreaking and true.

Alfie and Alice teach each other about hope and how to forge a new path from the ashes of loss and trauma.

A book about loss, recovery and hope. It is important to have a children’s novel that deals with grief and loss, that features a boy protagonist. Alfie teaches us that boys and men can be sad and lonely too. It is an insight into what grief looks like through the eyes of a child.

Eve’s books are available through Amazon, Waterstones and all other good bookshops.

Lost, Published by Scholastic 264 pages.

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