The newly revamped Waller Studio re-opens Friday 25th October. The films are only five pounds ALL WEEK and two huge films are kicking it all off in style. Famageddon: A Shaun the Sheep movie and…… The Joker this is the big film of the moment and is certainly dividing opinion. Please see Alex Terry’s review below.


As a huge comic book fan and a follower of other movies featuring this character, I had very high expectations for The Joker, sprinkled with intrigue as to what Todd Phillips could do with this well- known pop cultural character.

The build up to the film’s release was clouded with reports of people leaving cinemas because they found it distressing, whilst others claimed that it glamorises violence. It is surprising then, that the BBFC rates the film as a 15.

All prior conceptions were quashed as I was immersed within what can only be described as a stunning cinematic experience. The cinematography and imagery was nothing short of breath taking, with virtually every scene being worthy of individual mention.

Joaquin Phoenix gives the jaw-dropping performance of a lifetime, which is nothing short of Oscar worthy.

Todd Phillips’ direction and storytelling is compelling.  His story-telling is open to interpretation by the viewer; what is real, and what is merely imagination. 

There were many subtle references to the DC universe, with other well- known characters included and shown in a unique light.

I went with high expectations of The Joker and yet was still totally blown away. This isn’t a film for younger teenagers, setting violence aside, it is a study of a descent into sociopathy and that, despite all the entreaties for us to show compassion and sympathy to mental health sufferers, it is sad to say many still turn the other cheek when confronted by those who are suffering. It offers no answer beyond a subtle call for empathy and compassion.

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