On Friday 1st November, I stepped out of the harsh rain and wind into the warmth of Reigate Priory Cricket Club for ‘New Music Nights’, a monthly showcase aimed at displaying local up and coming talent. The club was bustling with groups of young people, eager to hear their peers play music. The usual chairs and tables had been moved to make way for the live performances, allowing the bar to feel like the sort of intimate gig you’d attend in London. 

To kick start the night, singer-songwriter Nye Jones performed on his acoustic guitar. As well as playing original songs, Jones impressed with a stripped back version of Britney Spear’s ‘Hit me, baby, one more time’, which everyone sang along to.

The line up also featured a skilled band called ‘Days Notice’. Their cover of ‘Anything’ by Catfish and the Bottlemen exhibited their contemporary rock style. The band ended their set by playing a new and original song called ‘Glory’, which had the crowd captivated. Next, from South West London was Leyla Diamondi. The singer dazzled with her extensive vocal range and ability to belt. The standout song was her new record called ‘Danger Zone’ which you can find on her youtube channel. 

Finishing the night were two acts with amazing guitar skills; Anouska Assisi and Jon Hart. Anouska Assisi may be young, but she already has a backlog of original songs. Some of the songs that she played during her set included ‘Burning Love’ (her newest record) and ‘Dark of the Night’, which featured loop recordings that layered her vocals. The last performance was from Jon Hart, a musician who describes himself as a ‘fingerstyle singer-songwriter’. Hart was the headliner of the night and clearly a highly practised musician.

The new music nights in Reigate, curated by Tim Glynne-Jones, inspire the local community and encourage up and coming musicians to showcase their talents. Tickets were only £2.50 with the music starting at 8 pm and finishing by 11. Look out for more NMN events by following their Instagram page

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