Action For Carers: Charity partner for RH FRINGE

Please take a minute to read about the valuable work undertaken by Action for Carers.

Action for Carers Surrey is a carer-led charity helping 16,000 carers of all ages across Surrey with free information, support, events advice and more. Surrey Young Carers, part of Action for Carers Surrey, provides young carers with time out from caring – and offers support to help them reach their full potential.

These young carers are aged under 18 and provide help and support for someone with a long-term physical disability, mental health condition or problem with drugs and alcohol.

Young Carers have many more responsibilities than most young people… These can include things like helping someone get up and dressed, looking after siblings, managing the family budget, and helping out around the house much more than other children.

Caring can have a big impact on learning…

  • young carers can often find it hard to finish homework or study at home
  • they can often be late to school or miss school altogether
  • they can struggle to concentrate in class because they are tired or worrying about the person they look after.

It’s estimated that there are at least 2 young cares in every single schools class in schools across Surrey and even more in secondary schools.

Action For Cares Surrey are absolutely delighted to be one of the beneficiary charities for the first ever Reigate Fringe event. The events will help with raising awareness of young carers and the money it raises will help them to fund fun events and activities, giving young carers time out from caring, improving their health and wellbeing, and giving them a chance to meet others in a similar situation and have fun.

If you would like to know more information of the support that Action for Carers Surrey give to young carers and carers across Surrey please visit:

Who Am I?

A poem written by young carers in SYC

 May I have your attention? A few minutes of your time,

Take a break from your life, I’ll tell you how I live mine.

See this face? See this smile? See these eyes open wide?

It’s a mask to disguise how I’m feeling inside,

I’m one in twelve in my city, yet it’s hard to describe,

But just give me a moment, I promise, I’ll try.

I’m a cook; a cleaner; a doctor; a healer,

A helper; a sitter; a supporter; a leader,

By my demeanour, it may not always be clear that I’m needed,

When my mum takes a fall, has a fit or a seizure,

When my brother breaks his toys and I pick up the pieces,

When his autism means that even though I pleaded,

He kicks and he screams and every day this is repeated,

But before bed, I still hug him, because I know he doesn’t mean it.

And some might say that this sounds strange,

Why I have all these skills and I don’t even get paid,

When I get home from school and make sure the table is laid,

Because my dad is upstairs, still in bed, still afraid,

Oh, I’m sorry, did I not mention?

That his mind is affected by stress and by tension,

Depression that means he requires my attention,

So my homework goes unwritten with no chance of extension.

I shop; I feed; I help shower and bathe,

I wash; I make sure that the beds are all made,

I talk; I listen; I cuddle; I play,

I make sure that the medicine is stored safely away.

And even though I know that those who love me understand,

It’s hard to keep up friendships when I have to cancel plans,

When phone calls go unanswered, when they say they’ll lend a hand,

Sometimes it feels that it’s only me who can.

So thank you for listening, To the words I have to say,

About how I live my life, About what I do each day,

I hope; I dream; I wonder; I pray,

Because I’m a young carer, And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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