Dazzling stories that entertain and delight.

Difficult choices for judges as they select their winners.

Judging for Reigate and Banstead Writes is well underway and shortlisting has now been completed. The winners will be announced week beginning 1st June.

Young writers have let their imaginations run wild. Who knew that Ghost Trains operated quite openly in the borough? Or that wild beasts roamed freely on Banstead Common? There are time portals galore in our wild spaces, where the unsuspecting and uninitiated find themselves fighting Roman Gladiators or defending Reigate Hill from the enemy during WWII.

Stories of fun, stories of adventure. We cannot wait to reveal our winners. A couple of tasters to whet your appetite. Please note use of extracts is no indication of being placed.

“While I was walking down Reigate Hill to go home, I heard something. It was very distant and faint but it was there. As I proceeded to walk down Reigate High Street, I started to make out the sound. To my horror”…

“When I was younger, I never thought there was any place other than Reigate – my beloved home. The beautiful rows of monotonous houses that I could weave in and out of on a delightful, summer’s day. But now I am in an unknown land with a tight, uncomfortable tube strapped to my slender leg.”

Meanwhile if you live in Redhill. Beware!

It was at the Redstone Hill of which they found the robotic supreme leader…   THE CYBORG ” 

Winners will be notified individually and announced on this platform and via our partners social medial channels. Good luck to all. You have provided much joy and entertainment.

Reigate and Banstead Writes was initiated by Kay Hymas from the Warwick School in 2017. This is the 3rd found of the creative writing competition open to all young writers aged 9-14 who live or go to school in the borough. Reigate and Banstead writes has evolved to include reviews and feeds into a small local arts festial. RH Rock and Writes.

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