About Us

What is the idea behind R&B Writes?

R&B Writes kicked off in 2017.  The idea is simple. Kids are asked to write a story of no more than 1,000 words clearly set in our towns. Winning entries from previous rounds have included mysterious happenings on Mercers Lake, a re-imagining of Lord of the Rings set in the streets of Reigate, the Black Knight of Reigate Castle, Superdog becoming Mayor of Reigate and Banstead, a ring of spies operating out of Redhill Library and strange and wonderful happenings with Lemonardo in the Belfry Centre. Click here to read our winning stories.

When does the competition open for entries?

The 3rd round of the competition will open for entries from January 2020. Closing date will be 1 March 2020 with the Awards Ceremony taking place in June 2020.

What Sort of Stories are you after?

Stories must be clearly set in our local area. They must be fictional and not an account of real event.  The stories that have done well with our judges in the previous two rounds have a clear beginning, middle and end. Stories can be any genre, fantastical, humorous, adventurous, a diary of a day out.  

Has an alien spaceship taken over the Redhill Landfill site? Is the big Redhill Sainsbury’s secretly hiding an alien spaceship. Have you had a time-slip adventure in Reigate Castle Grounds? Have an army of ducks taken over Priory Park? Does Banstead Common host a gang of spies? Or have you enjoyed a day out with friends in Redhill?

How are the stories judged?

Stories are coded upon receipt and sent to judges without any identifying information. There are 5 judges who will select their winners against published criteria. Click here. The winning entries from previous rounds have been broadcast on BBC Surrey and SUSY Radio.

How can I or my child get involved?

Click here for Entry forms, rules and regulations and to read previous stories. The next round will open in January 2020.