Undercover Cats are Stalking Reigate… and a Tea Bag Crisis hits a local school.

A comic caper which features ‘undercover cats’ as the protagonists and a witty tale of an existential tea bag crisis hitting a local school, are the 2020 runners up – taking 4th and 5th place respectively.

Alex Hilder, a student at St. Bede’s School, penned a witty tale of cats stalking Reigate’s streets. His story received praise for its humour and originality. Aidan Scott, the youngest prize winner and a pupil at a local school came up with perhaps, one of the most original stories of this year and indeed from all previous 3 rounds. How does the mysterious disappearance of tea bags affect a local school?

Click here. To read the Undercover Cats of Reigate.

click here to read the Story of the Missing Tea Bags.

The top three prize winning stories and full details of this year’s competition, entry forms, rules and all other information can be found here.

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