Its almost time for our young writers to pick up their pens, IPADs or devices and write us a story all about where they live.

Back in January, it felt impossible, thinking we could run Reigate & Banstead Writes in 2021. Schools closed and we were all existing in a scattered world.

Schools re-opened and we’re back! Thanks to super support from the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, judges and other supporters.

We will open our doors for entries from May 19th and close on June 30th. Winners will be notified by the 16th July, after the independent judges, who consist of local journalists, councillors and teachers make their decision. Check back for details of how to enter, rules, prizes and how winners will be notified by end of April.

The rules are simple. The competition is open to all children aged 9-14 who live or go to school in the borough. We want to read their stories. Their tales from their towns.

Stories can be any genre, they can be a fantasy or set in the past. They can be funny, mysterious or scary, but must be clearly about Redhill, Reigate, Merstham and its parks, monuments, buildings and woods.

What would happen if an alien spaceship landed on the Moors Nature Reserve? Or if you found yourself transported into the future; what would Redhill be like in 200 years time? How about a funny ramble up Reigate Hill? or discovering some strange creature lurking at the bottom of Earlswoood Lakes…

Let your imaginations run riot!

For an idea of that the judges are expecting, have a look at the winning entry from 2020.

Reigate & Banstead Writes began back in 2017. It is the brainchild of Kay Hymas, Librarian at the Warwick School, Redhill, the hub of the competition. Since then, almost 1,500 stories about our area have been written by our talented children. We are grateful for the support from the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill.

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