Dacre Stoker and Paul Barker

Supernatural tale of vampires and devilry in time for Halloween.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that certain genres best fit certain times of the year. Halloween and the darkening nights is the perfect setting for stories of horror, vampires, devilry and ghosts particularly read by candlelight…

Dracul, the prequel to Dracula is inspired by the notes and writings left behind by Bram Stoker, legendary author. As a child, I was fascinated by the association Dracula holds with Whitby, the seaside town on the Yorkshire Coast where we holidayed. We spent much time on the headland imagining an old fashioned ship sailing into harbour containing Dracula in his coffin within. Reading the prequel, is a fascinating voyage of discovery for Draula fans.

As one would expect, Dracul is a supernatural spine-chilling thriller that reveals ‘all’ about the true origins of Dracula. The story opens with Bram Stoker facing down an indescribable evil: armed with crucifixes, holy water and a rifle. In trying to make sense of the path his life has taken, Bram records and reflects on his past. In particular, focussing on his childhood nanny, Ellen Crone and her myriad of strange ways. Viewed with suspicion and yet, she cured the young Bram of ailments that flummoxed his Doctors.  

Bram was raised in Ireland. Dracul cleverly links an old Irish legend about a great love that turns gruesomely bad. (Duerg Due). Like all myths, there is a grain of truth contained and it is up to the reader to decide where the truth lies.

In keeping with his great-grand uncle Bram’s writing, Dracul is told through the eyes of several sources , just like the orginal ‘Dracula’.

This is an atmospheric horror story with some terrific spine chilling moments . Proceed if you dare too.

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